Recently awarded a “Femmy” for her ongoing efforts to promote gender equality and gender equity, Charlie has been an advocate since she was eight years old.  Part of the United Way’s 2016 “Path to Pride” campaign, Charlie was honoured last summer to be the youngest Grand Marshal of Ottawa Capital Pride. In autumn, she also participated in a four minute film about Bill C-16 in cooperation with the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

Last spring (May, 2016) Charlie gave an unrehearsed speech alongside the Minister of Justice and Attorney General, Jody Wilson Raybould in the foyer of the House of Commons, to help the Minister announce Bill C-16 (an Act to protect gender identity and expression in Canada).

A year earlier Charlie took toilet seats and microphones to parliament hill to launch the “Occupotty” protest where she joined her friends from the LGBTQ+ community to sing “Let Us Pee” and encourage Conservative Senators to Pass C-279.

These days Charlie is actively pursuing the passage of Bill C-16 (like C-279) to ensure transgender and gender fluid people obtain full protection under the Canadian Human Rights Act, for gender identity and expression.  Despite obstacles, Charlie continues to educate.

She now travels to churches, schools, organizations and agencies to encourage more kids to be unafraid to use their voice, and to help adults understand gender variance in children.

Charlie is currently working on a number of other projects to improve awareness about gender diversity and support her favourite charities: Camp Ten Oaks, and Family Services of Ottawa.

(January 1, 2017)

One thought on “About”

  1. Charlie is an amazing resource . She is so wise, loving and talented. So proud to watch this family shine and make positive change.


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